Animals we share the planet with are in decline due to habitat loss where we live, work, play and learn. Monarch butterflies have declined by 90% over the last 20 years; an indicator of the type of losses we are facing.

Providing plants on which monarchs can raise their caterpillars, and offering nectar and pollen sources will help rebuild the health of this iconic butterfly, as well as bees, birds and other pollinators.

Little Seeds and KidsGardening have partnered to create the Pollinator Pals Grant and the Little Seeds Pollinator Pals Program to help further garden education and provide financial resources to construct pollinator habitats to help rebuild the monarch populations.

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Our Impact

1,000 monarch garden kits were sent to schools across the central flyway to help provide food and breeding areas for declining monarch populations.

Since 2017 – 1,500 schools

25,000 children participated in planting gardens over 2 years. 79% of schools not only planted their starter kits but also added native plants.